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Mission Statement

Since 1992, Microcosm Systems Corporation (MSC) has designed and manufactured innovative, high-quality lighting solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, educational, government and urban environments.

Our value
Trust and support from customers, and transform the most challenging projects into solutions with years of experience and soft power, not only to meet customers' needs, but also exceed your expectations.
- High quality products
- Versatile design and testing
- Green awareness and energy saving

Flexible service
The basic philosophy of MSC is to focus on the customer's reputation and focus on the changes in the lighting market.
Through passion, innovation and commitment to the future, we will continue to provide a full range of services to our customers - with particular attention to:
- Product design innovation
- Quality stability
- High-tech support
- Customer satisfaction
Lighting Design
M – Motivation
The home is made up of people, but in addition to the family's companionship, the warmth has to be combined with the light to create a warm atmosphere. The lamp is the kind of furniture that can bring out the space atmosphere.

S – Sensation
Increase the value of luminaires, make the function of light is not just only lighting.

C – Creation
We follow the "people-oriented" thinking principle, create the maximize profits in each project and provide the best lighting solutions for our customers.
For more information on how you can benefit from MSC, please find to contact us.